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Four Door Studio

Four Door Studio is a boutique project studio located in bright and shiny Gilbert,AZ featuring fantastic analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting. Come in and record tracks or work over the web -
Sound Amazing!!!
  • This is where the digital magic happens!

  • Lynx Aurora VT

  • Lynx AES 16e-SRC

  • This is also where the digital magic happens!!

  • Magix Samplitude Pro X Suites

  • ProTools 10

  • Izatope Ozone 5 and 8 Suites, AutoTune , Melodine and many other licenced audio tools!

  • This is the analogue magic!!!

  • Blue Bottle + Nine Capsules, Blue Mouse x 2, Blue Dragonfly x 4, Blue Dragonfly Deluxe Collectors Edition, Blue Woodpecker Ribbon Mic, Blue Dynamic Mics,

  • Assorted Sure, EV and Neat mics.

  • Even more analogue magic!!!!

  • Neve 1073 DPA, API 3124 +, True Precission 8, Avalon 737 VT  sp, Presonus Eureka x 2

  • Custom Mixing and Mastering Monitors in an acoustically controlled environment!

  • Drums - TJS Custom Kits, Noble and Cooley Horizon Kit, Gretsch Kit, Ludwig Kit,  two Pearl Fiberglass Kits and assorted triggers/drum brains!

  • Noble and Cooley /Zildjian Collectors Edition Snare and ~15 assorted bad ass snares!

  • Percussion up the wazu!!!

  • Guitars and Amps - Gretsch, Fender, Bogner and Marshall!

  • Maschine and Software instruments including East West, Independence, Massive and Native.

DAW and Processing
Microphone Preamps

Studio Build!

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