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Our passion is helping  musicians make amazing recordings they are proud to play for anyone they choose!!!
All rates include an engineer. Discounts for longer bookings.


$40 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Tracking in the studio including setup and recording (up to four musicians at a time). Studio time is charged in 15 minute increments but rest assured, I am fast and efficent and your tracks will be your best ever!!!  


$30 per song

We will take your stereo tracks to the next sonic level using the rignt hardware and licenced software for the job.

Your music will be ready for the world to hear!!!


$30 per hour

Mixing Four Door Studio tracks or tracks from another studio...either way you will be thrilled with your mixed product!!!

MUSIC PRODUCTION - Tracks delivered via DropBox:

$30 per hour

Send your roughs or stems via DropBox and Four Door Studio will deliver the perfect complementary acoustic drum recording, vocal tracks or anything else your music requires( fiddle, mandolin, bass, trumpet, sax, percussion, piano/keys etc.). All tracks recorded here just for you!!!

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